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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes your own body’s healing abilities to stimulate skin and follicle recovery. It is a natural treatment that uses the platelets from your own blood. These activated platelets secrete and release at least 7 different growth factors which enhance the natural healing process of the skin and hair follicles. PRP can be used to treat skin and hair loss in men and women.

PRP Facial treatments / Vampire Facials

During a PRP Therapy treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn from you into a sterile tube in the exact same manner as a standard blood test. The tube containing your blood is placed into a centrifuge and spun to separate the plasma and platelets from the other blood components.
After a few minutes, the PRP layer is removed from the same tube and re-introduced into the body at the site to be treated. Using microneedling, mesotherapy or both.

The production of collagen induced by the PRP will brighten, rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin even after the first treatment. A course of 3-6 treatments every 4-6 weeks are recommended to see the full effects maintenance treatments every 6-24 months depending on individual skin type, concern and lifestyle. A full consultation will be required before treatment. Aftercare information will be given after procedure.

What results can I expect from PRP treatments?
Improvement of skin, texture and tone is noticeable within three weeks. Full collagen regeneration takes up to 3 months. Reduction in hair loss is noticeable within 8 weeks. In most cases, hair regrowth is seen 3-6 months after the last treatment. Results will vary from person to person during the consultation, we will examine your area of concern and taking into account your medication history, lifestyle and expected results for your client journey will be discussed thoroughly.
There are some special growth factors found in platelets (PRP growth factors) that are beneficial for the regeneration of tissue, particularly skin. There are about 30 known growth factors in platelets, but the main five that we take advantage of are:
  • Epidermal growth factor (EGF) – ‘epidermal’ means the outer layer of skin cells and EGF stimulates cell growth and helps repair tissue.
  • Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) – makes new blood vessels. Promotes angiogenesis.
  • Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) – fibroblasts are skin cells, so FGF encourages cells to multiply and turn into specialised cells, and supports wound healing.
  • Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) – encourages new blood vessels to develop they are a family of peptides associated with formation of connective tissues, glial and muscle cells.
  • TGF Transforming growth factor promotes formation of extracellular matrix.

How well do PRP and PRP growth factors work?

PRP is a relatively new cosmetic treatment that is still undergoing rigorous scientific study however initial studies on PRP and PRP growth factors have proved very promising. PRP therapy was developed in the 1970s it has been used in dermatology, plastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine, wound care, orthopaedics, trauma surgery, several forms of alopecia, acne scars, post-laser skin treatments and many more all reported positive aesthetic outcomes with PRP injections, with the most popular for skin rejuvenation reported benefits being:
  • Increases in volume (creates more youthful-looking face)
  • Improvements in texture (smoother skin)
  • Improved tone (reduces redness blotchiness)
  • Decreased appearance of wrinkles
  • Improvements in the appearance of facial acne, scaring and acne rosacea
  • Skin disorders like Lichen Sclerosis
  • Under eye treatments for dark circles and under eye pigmentation.
  • Increased hair growth after hair loss.
Because PRP treatments are so low-risk, adverse side-effects are rare and the safety profile is excellent. The natural healing power of PRP and PRP growth factors to improve the appearance and overall health of skin without the risks.

The PRP Hair Loss Treatment Process

Before PRP treatment for hair loss, your skin will be cleansed and disinfected. We will use topical numbing cream to ensure comfort, which takes about 20 minutes to work. We may use an ice pack to help with comfort. This treatment is for men and women 3-6 treatments are recommended to obtain full benefits each individual will be different depending on health and lifestyle.
The whole procedure takes around 60-90 minutes. No downtime is needed, so you can return to your normal daily activities immediately following treatment, aftercare information will be given after procedure.
We’ve outlined the three-step PRP hair loss treatment below:
Step One
A small amount of blood (20ml) is taken from your arm the same way as if you were having a blood test by your doctor. A blood sample is then put into a centrifuge; a machine used to separate fluids of different densities.
Step Two
The centrifuge separates the plasma, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is then isolated and ready to be injected. PRP contains specific cells rich in growth factors that stimulate hair growth.
Step Three
The PRP is injected into your scalp to stimulate the tissue and encourage natural, faster hair growth. This treatment is precise, and we inject the PRP into the exact locations of the head you want to target (if your hair follicle loss occurs in a specific area). Microneedling or Mesotherapy are used or both.

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